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The Journey Begins...

Here I am sitting in the hotel and Chamonix France, Im still pinching myself,,its a beautiful town, I arrived yesterday with 2 other members, and the rest if the team showed up this afternoon.

I had a couple of hours of free time this morning so went for a stroll. I came across the local Saturday open air market, it was wonderful. Fresh seafood, amazing spices, lots of cheese and meats, candy. The smells were lovely and there was lots of chatter. It was lovely and I couldn't believe I was actually there. I did not know that nougat comes in wheels...it was amazing.

The rest of the team arrived this afternoon,and then we went through our gear, packed and weighed our packs...mine is just under 18 lbs.

We had our team dinner this evening, it was great to meet everyone, We have a very diverse group and its going to be fun getting to know them better. Im looking forward to the challenge, and lots of laughter.

I cant believe I am here, I’m walking around with a big grin on my face, like a kid in a candy store.

This is going to be a challenge, but there will be lots of laughter. I know I have some stuff to process, and thats good because it means I am getting part of myself back….but I am supported by those here with me, and by all of you back home. This has been a Hell of a journey to get here, and I want to thank everyone who has helped me get here. I also want to thank everyone who has donated and helped with my fundraising by sharing and spreading the word. Because if all of you, I have raised just over $5500. That is huge, and will allow others to experience the amazing adventures and be part of that Outward Bound magic. IT is life changing.

I will be off line for the remainder of this trek. We leave tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. We get back to the hotel here on the 19th, and fly back home on the 20th. I cant wait to write blogs about this trip, the amazing growth the happens, the trials and tribulations, and the magic that is Outward Bound.

And, I will give a last plug here to my fundraising- it is not closed and if you should feel like making a donation please feel free to. And if you are n the fence about it or are not sure its the thing to do,,,have a look and listen to the video below. Bailey was one of my tent mates on the Outward Bound Re- Bound weekend. She is a lovely young lady and speaks about her experience with Outward Bound Canada. Find the link below

Thank you again to everyone,,for everything,,I will beholding you all close in my heart on this trek.

Be Kind to yourselves


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