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The Eaglet Has Landed- posted before latest trek.

The Eaglet Has Landed

Update #5July 13, 2021

My travel day was yesterday, it went smoothly and I arrived at the hotel in Canmore last evening around 8:00 pm.

The last time I was in this town- and the only other time actually, was in 2012 when I was takening an Outward Bound Women of Courage course, We were backpacking for a week up in the rookies. It was an amazing experiance.

Needless to say this town has changed since the last time I was here, but so have I. This morning was sitting in the lobby writing in my journal, in the very seat I was sitting in 12 years ago when I was waiting to meet the rest of the ladies on the Women of Courage course.

This morning I thought back to that time and how unsure I was, how nervous , wondering if I was good enough, not just for the hike, but was " I " good enough as a person? I think about the amount of doubt I had back then and the constant voice in my head telling me " You are not good enough" , "No one will like you" , " who do you think you are, to even think you can do this" etc. You get the picture.

I had taken one Women of Courage program back in 2005. I was in thearpy and once again seemed stuck, and I knew I needed to get "unstuck" to be able to move on with my healing journey. I knew that the last time I was stuck in therapy, the women of courage program I took in 2005, definatley helped me learn, process and realize I was stronger then I realized- both physically and mentally, and helped me move on with my healing journey.

So,here I was , in this very lobby in 2012, wondering how it was going to go, would it help move me forward and would what ever was holding me back would get unstuck.

Needless to say it did, And I had no idea where my life was going to go, and you can bet I could never have imagined I would be where I am, and that life could even be as amazing as it is. I never imagined that 11 years later I would be sititng in the lobby of the very same hotel, sitting, relaxed, while I write.

I could never have imagined I would be the mental advocate, writer and insperational speaker that I am. I could never imagine I would be awarded for my advocay work and speak to an audianceof 2000 people, and that I would actually be in the process of working at the process of doing a TEDx talk. Not only in the process, but have folks who have steped into my path who support me with this, and so much more.

I was talking to someone last night and told them about my 1st Women of Courage course.

We had the money for the plane ticket to Ontario and back. Then we had to move and the place we were going to rent fell through and the only place we could get , the rent was double, so we had to use the money for the plane ticket.

Needless to say I was really upset. After a few days of thinking I decided to take a chance. Around noon, on Friday of a long weekend, I sent emails out to the airline companies. I did some research and found the folks who held positions, and fired off an email, explaing my situation, what Outward Bound Canada was about, and that my program was fully funded. I told them what it would mean to me to be able to particapate in this program.

By 4:30 that day, I had two tickets from two different airlines, one from Comox to Toronto, and one return.

I told my freind last night that if I had not sent those emails, my amazing journeys with Outward Bound would not have happened. I am just one example of what these programs can do for folks. As I get ready to pack my bags etc, I want to once again thank all of you for your amazing and generous support in my fundrraising efforts, past and present. We will likely never know how others benefit from these programs, but belive me when they are life changing, and at time life saving programs.

Thank you all, once again with loving gratitude Suzy

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