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Thats a Wrap: Part II

I am back home and once again at my keyboard drinking my morning tea.

It has been an interesting few days after this amazing #tedxsurrey life changing event, and it does feel different.

The morning after the event I grabbed a shower and was no longer going over my script- the same was when I was driving, walking, when I was going home on the ferry- good thing I was wearing a mask on the way over as I was walking around the ferry saying my script- but yes, it feels different.

I got home and my binder with the TEDxSurrey Took Kit was on my desk- and bits of the script written on my white board.

My first impulse was to put the binder away and erase the white board- but I’m not going to do that just yet.

This has been an amazing journey- not just for the past 4 months, but the past year as I had been working with the wonderful Tania Ehman- an amazing Speakers Coach, and an International Award Winning Speaker- www.taniaehman.com

She is not only amazing, but an absolutely beautiful human being and I am so very fortunate to have been able to work with her. She helped me “drill down” to get clarity of my message and is so supportive.

In many ways this was like therapy- getting rid of old “cognitive errors” that were still there, finding my voice and boldly stepping into my rightful place in the universe- and learning that no one benefits from me hiding my light. I also have a lovely therapist- so it was very much like having intense therapy for a year.

I feel blessed on so many levels.

I – like every journey I take- have found more of myself- my voice and what my calling is, and I want to do more of it. What that will look like- right now I have no idea.

I told my son “If I won the lottery and had the money to make what I want to do happen- I wouldn’t know where to start- except for maybe an upgrade on my laptop and car- but besides that- I have no idea.”

My dreamworld is even working on this and I had one last night- here are the Coles notes.

I’m traveling in some land, all my stuff goes missing- luggage, ID , money phone etc-but there is no fear- I eventually find my phone, but not my ID- I reach out- but the person I reach out to knows the old me- i.e. pre TEDxSurrey- and wont/can’t help

In time I come across friends who know me – post TEDxSurrey- and we quietly travel together, across some prairie plains, noticing the different textures and colours of the grass, the old wagon wheel ruts from the wagon trains going across- and its relaxed and it will take 2 months to cross this area- but I am surrounded by and supported by love and friendship and I am safe.

I know when we come to the other side, all will start to become clear on the horizon. And I know I will never find that lost ID, because, that person who it belonged to is no longer- I am changed in so many ways.

So I’m not going to erase the white board right away or put the TEDxSurrey Tool Kit Binder in the back of a closet somewhere- This has been a massive and huge journey and I can’t believe the "confidient me" that has come out the other side.

This has been a very special time and everything lined up and friends were there to help me process through this whole journey and the amazing individual speakers, coaches and support staff I met have all enriched my life in ways they will never know. This was an amazing, magical and powerful time.

And I don’t need to decide right away what to do, and even though I yet know what or how I want to make what I want happen, I am learning what I don’t want, and sometimes that is more important.

I see copious amounts of tea, quiet walks, journaling and naps in my future and I know my dream world will be active and fruitful.

Its now time for me to go for a quiet walk and I will keep you posted on this amazing stage of this amazing journey we call life.

I never ever thought it could be this good.

Thanks for traveling along with me

Until next time

Take care of yourselves


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