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Thats a Wrap: An Opening to a New Beggining...

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Wow- it has been an amazing 24 hours.

This time yesterday we had just finished our presentations at #tedxsurrey and wow what a time it was…..wholly!!!

It was amazing and I stepped on stage and it was magical and I loved it, and I nailed it!!!!!! OMG what a blast!!!!

What a week it has been. I have been staying with friends and they have been wonderful and started celebrating “ME” long before the event- which was amazing, and even more amazing is being able to be present, be in the moment and taking it all in. I have had a wonderful supportive base to land, and be and feel everything this past week- and yes there have been tears- of joy and some of sad realizations- but growth does come from that.

I have had walks with a lovely friend, whose words are wise and caring is deep- walks and lovely coffee- walks and lovely lunch, and words of celebration and wisdom along the way.

I have saber opened a champagne bottle- wow- I used a chefs knife as a saber was not available - I have laughed, cried and smiled so much my cheeks hurt.

I had an amazing time giving my talk, and the standing ovation just took the roof off, as there were hoots and hollers and the applause was amazing- I was blown away.- it was unreal, I could not believe it. When I got back down to the green room my fellow speakers gave me a standing ovation….it was amazing and very special.

Its been a journey and this will be a short post as I have much to digest and feel that I am safely standing on the edge of a safe precipice, and need to take the time to digest, look over the terrain and see which path to choose. Its an amazing feeling.

There was a bit of a wrap event for everyone last night- a short Covid edition. They gave us 2 questions and we could answer either one- but by the time I got up there what came out of my mouth was that- this has been a journey, amazing and that 8 years ago I was just getting out of the psyche unit and never even imagined I would be doing what I had just done.

I mentioned that there were times with the TEDx work that I was struggling with some life stuff but they met me where I was at, supported me and here I was. This shows that when we are able to meet people where they are at, we support and can make change happen.

When I had that standing ovation yesterday, I heard my friends yelling and supporting, I looked to my left and saw someone who has been meeting me where I am at for the past 25 years, and he was standing and doing the air fist pump- and imagine in my mind I will always treasure- and it was wonderful to see him and his wife there- and my family and friends back home and around the world sending their love and ,meeting me where I was at- and all those folks in the past who gave me golden nuggets of caring connections to help get me to where I am today.

There was a lovely small gathering of friends here last night and it was magical, and I just feel so blessed and 8 years ago I could never have imagined it could ever be this good.

I have come through this amazing 4 month journey- and out the end a better person in so many ways, and the gifts I have received from everyone, their friendship, support love is magical, as is the feeling and ability to be able to receive it all and take it all in.

For the next few weeks, as I sit down upon that safe precipice, with my pots of tea- and boxes of Kleenex- for the tears of joy and gratitude will be many- I have much to digest, hold and absorb, I will look over the landscape , think of what I want to do, what’s important for me, and in time this new amazing Suzy with stand up, and follow the path I am meant to be on.

Sending you all so much loving gratitude for being on and supporting me on this amazing journey over the last 4 months, and I look forward t see where we go together.

Until next time, take good care of yourselves


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