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Taking Time for Creative Play...

I have always been attracted to art and craft supplies- I never knew what to do with them…but like a crow finding a shinny treasure, I was drawn to them. Especially water colours.

Last year I happened to come across a you tube video called “Paint Along Whimsical Houses” by Painted Willow Art. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPNvqGZcFbA&t=8s&ab_channel=PaintedWillowArt

I loved the look of the little houses, but I also loved how the instructions were simple, 1 at a time, step by step, and what really spoke to me was that it was about fun and not being perfect- I would have loved this way of thinking in school.

It would be another 11 months before I actually got around to pulling my paints out.

It has been an interesting process.

As you know I was on R&R after my amazing TEDxSurrey adventure. I had this feeling that I was needing something that did not take a lot of brain power- but also had a feeling that I needed something that used a different part of the brain and I remembered this video- so I went back and watched it again- and as they- the rest is history.

I love how the presenter opens each video with a “hello friends” as she does a little wave wiggles her fingers.

I have ADHD and learning differences- and if you give me more then 1 or 2 instructions at a time- I’m lost. I also need time to be able to do and process step #1 and 2 before I can move on. I love the fact that I can stop the video until I have done that, and also love the fact that I can re watch- as I always pick up something I missed.

But the most important thing is that the presenter- Dawn- always states that there is no wrong or right way, encourages you to let go of any preconceived notions of what art is- and if a piece does not work out that’s fine. She also encourages you to use what supplies you have and what you can afford and not to break the bank or get something that is not in your budget-and most important - It’s about playing and having fun, and I have been doing that.

As I said I have always been attracted to water colour- I love the transparency of it, the fact that you can’t always control this medium, and that you may be surprised on how it turns out, and how you may find amazing surprise, textures and treasures in something you didn’t think would work out- but once its dries, there it is.

As I type this- I guess its kind of like life.

I have also noticed my “depravation behaviour” while doing this. Growing up as I did, we never had art supplies, and I noticed I wasn’t really loading up my brush with a lot of paint- and one of dawns videos showed us how you can load up your paint brush as the water colour goes a long way. That’s when I noticed my behaviour and the “I have to save this and make it last as long as it can” inner dialogue. That was an interesting moment. I noticed I was also doing that with my water colour paper lol.

Yes, I don’t have a big budget, but I can afford to treat myself each month to some supplies.

Once I realized that- man I let loose and have been having fun.

I have even bought some blank watercolour postcards and have started to send them out- and folks tell me they bring a smile to their face.

Is it great art- no. Will it be in a museum or good enough to sell, no- and thats not the point. They are fun to do and they are bringing smiles to people, and in these challenging times I can’t think of any better gift.

I’m still working with and teaching the world about caring connections, the impact they have, and this is just another example and using another medium.

I have also been watching dawn’s “How to Doodle” videos- and as a lifelong doodler- I’m having so much fun with this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAazovWWzH4&t=235s&ab_channel=PaintedWillowArt

I encourage you to take sometime out of your day- have a look at these videos and follow Dawn and her “Painted Willow Art” channel- have some fun and play. We are all in need of this.

Until next time, as always, thank you for walking along this road we call life and exploring and finding and being surprised.

Stay safe


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