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Sometimes You Can Get to Close

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Yesterday I was waiting in my car, for my son as he did his equine therapy.

It had rained lots just before we got there, but had stopped and the sun came out from behind the clouds for a while. That’s when I noticed it.

The bows of the Western Cedar trees were heavy with water droplets and the sun was shining- it looked as of the tree was covered in hundreds of shinny fairy lights, or as I used to describe to the pre- school children when I told them stories- “ Hundreds of little sparkles showed themselves on the tree branches- but they were not rain or dew drops- they were shinny Fairy’s that only showed themselves to special people, and many folks never got to see them at all. For those that got to see them, were indeed very special people. These Fairy’s showed themselves to special people- even when the people didn’t think they were special- but the Fairy’s knew different and would show them how they were special.”

It was a beautiful sight, with a slight breeze, the shinny drops looked like they were dancing. I stopped what I was doing and watched.

I then got out of the car to try to take a picture of it- but the closer I got the more difficult it was- and to see it in all its glory I had to stand back.

This got me to thinking.

As I mentioned, doing the TEDxSurrey talk, preparing for it etc- I have grown a lot and found out more about myself, the world etc. I am a different person then when I started and I have a lot to think about. And I know this will take time.

As Much as I would like answers now- I know that’s not realistic, and I am learning what I don’t want- which is actually more important.

And like getting closer to those sparkling rain drops- if I force myself to try to get closer, I won’t see them.

I need to stand back, be quiet, stand still and pay attention to the subtle messages. And I know the answers will come- they always do.

I’m going to take the next 3 weeks off, meaning as few commitments as possible. I will sit in my garden, tidy up my garden a bit, drink tea, watch the birds, go for quiet walks along trails and sit by the ocean. I will drink tea, do lots of journaling, and what looks like “staring into space.” It will look like I am doing nothing- but in reality, I will be working- just a different sort of working.

I will start to reconnect with friends and family- as I was a tad busy, but am not going to over schedule myself.

I need to honour this journey, myself, and the next steps in this journey called life.

I won’t be on social media as much. I may write some blogs, and will let you know when the TEDxSurrey video is uploaded to their TEDx You Tube Channel. But besides that, I’m going to be pretty quiet.

I need to honour this time, this journey and this growth, be mindful and ready for when those magic moments appear- like the sparkling drops on the bows of the beautiful Western Cedars, - and not rush in and getting to close.

I know, in these magical and quiet moments, the answers will come.

Take good care of yourselves, you are worth it, and may you find your own magical moments that fill your soul.

Thank you as always for coming along this journey with me, and stay tuned.

Until next time, take good care of your selves.

Cheers and be well


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