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Processing and Settling In...

Its been 6 weeks to the day since the amazing experience with the wonderful TEDxSurey.

I swear it was longer than that. This week when I had a phone call to connect with my book coach she mentioned it was just coming up to 6 weeks since the event- you could have knocked me over with a feather.

And I am still processing and waiting for things to settle.

I swear I spent the first 3 weeks recovering- one friend said to me “I haven’t seen you since TEDxSurrey.” I assured them I haven’t seen anyone since then., well except my husband, and my son- who happens to live next door- my son, not my husband. 😊 My car left the driveway twice in all that time.

This morning I spent time outside with my tea, watching and listening to the birds in lovely quiet.

We have construction of a 3-story apartment building across the laneway- about 60 feet from my door- and it is busy and loud all week. When I go out into the garden to work, I have to wear ear protectors and I can only do it for short bits of time. So, this morning it was lovely to sit out there in the quiet, drink my tea and let my mind wander.

And wander it did. About my TEDxSurrey Experience, about my Outward Bound Canada courses, about where I started and where I am now, about folks along the way etc.

Then I thought about a workshop I did for teachers years ago, talking about caring connections, and how on their own, they may not seem to make a difference but they add up along the way. To emphasise this, I had a clear glass vase and would put rocks or marbles in it every time I gave an example of a caring connection and they could see before their eyes the vase filling up.

I was thinking about this when I was having my morning tea outside and watching the birds.

Then I thought of how they say to put the big or important things of your life in the jar or vase- i.e. if you don’t make time for the important things, if your jar is filled with little things- in this case stressors etc- then there is not longer room for the big things.

And if one only puts “big things” in the jar, - when life makes you shift etc, if there is no foundation around those bigger things, the smaller caring connections- then the bigger rocks or marbles will rub against each other and can wear down and break. But if there are smaller caring connections around them- think of sand- then it will take the force and shift to support the bigger rocks.

For me, those caring connections- “my golden nuggets of caring connections” were being placed in a jar, and it is on the foundations of that, my life was being built upon. And maybe, it was because of them, that foundation, that I am still here. And maybe, as I take my time and process and rest, I am settling the new and other caring connections and the whole amazing TEDxSurrey experience- so that I have an even more solid foundation for what is coming down the pike. I have no idea what it is- but I know its something.

Yes- I know this is somewhat philosophical for the morning, but that’s where my mind went.

I will be thinking about this, as I spend a lot of quiet and solitude time trying to figure out what I need to do, to best support myself for what I want to do, and that includes getting back to writing my 1st book. I think I am about to understand and figure out what will work for me, but for now I need to sit with it and see how it feels.

I guess that’s it for now and as always thank you so much for coming along on this journey with me.

Until next time, take good care of yourselves, stay safe and let those golden nuggets of caring connections hold you.


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