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Final Destination, Cape Clear Island

It has been almost a month since the last update on The Canadian Capers. I had planned to write weekly updates- but life happened, and best laid plans of Mice and men- especially during a pandemic- often go astray.

I am happy to report that I sent an enquire to my local paper and they did pick up the idea and ran an article on our efforts and here is the link to that article. https://www.comoxvalleyrecord.com/community/comox-valley-walkers-raising-money-to-bring-syrian-family-to-ireland/?fbclid=IwAR0kuZlaST_LeefoANGNgr41U1cmbe8vRu1ZdNIruNwU51JdyIJVW_tSylU

And yesterday- on Easter Sunday, not only was the challenge to do the 5000 km virtual walk from Cape Clear to Syria accomplished, but also the virtual challenge of another 5000 km back to Cape Clear. This is am amazing distance and goes to show what can happen when folks work together.

The Canadian Capers started off as a humble band of four eager friends and the total distance sent in the first week was 93.47 km. As word got out the group evolved, more folks joined and the last week it the team consisted of 17 members, and we sent in a distance of 618.46 km. In total The Canadian Capers sent in a total of 2135.24 km! That is pretty amazing but even more amazing is, that group of folks together, walked 10,000 km!!!! That is no small feat!

While the virtual walking challenge is complete, the fundraising challenge continues on until May 4th. The group is just over the halfway mark or raising the required 10,000 Euro. The Canadian Capers have raised 170 euro of our 500 euro we are trying to raise. If you would like to donate and help a family settle and star a new life you can do so on the link below. A tax receipt will also be provided.

I know it has been a tough, bizarre and very strange and surreal past 14 months. If you are like me you have felt frustrated, angry, afraid, tired, overwhelmed, hopeful, lost, unsure, doubtful, anxious, sad, sleepless nights and exhausted. You may miss your family, friends, connections, and the simple things like having coffee with friends, going to the library, shopping and family meals. It has been a very trying year, but if you are fortunate- as I am- you may have had times where you felt safe, hopeful, contented, were able to go for walks, notice things of beauty, times where you felt that, as hard as this all is, you will get through this. Some days are better then others, but I have no doubt I will get through this.

For me it sure has been- and continues to be a challenge and an emotional and rocky time as I try to find my rhythm and keep an even keel. To learn how to sail along this thing called life when a wind from nowhere shows up and tries to send me into the rocks or off in a different direction, and there have been times, where I needed to moor in a safe harbour until the storm passes.

Now imagine having to leave your war-torn country, and your safe harbour is a refugee camp, and never knowing when and if the storm will pass. Then add Covid.

I will continue to work on our fundraising goal, and if you are able to help please do so, and please share. As I have mentioned before- every little bit helps- just like every step that was involved to help reach the total of 10,000 km. Please share the link below

Stay well, Stay safe and we will get through this


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