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Clearing the Slate for the Next Chapter...

I spent yesterday clearing off my desk and packing up all my TEDxSurrey stuff. It now sits in two binders in my book case. I also cleared off all my TEDx notes from my whiteboard and its now bare, as I rest and wait for the next adventure.

I felt it was important to not put this all away too soon. I felt I needed to honour the journey and let it all sink in, I know it hasn't all sunk in, and some things will take longer.

It’s the beginning of a new chapter.

It’s also the beginning of a new chapter in another way.

In the span of 8 weeks we have had to say goodbye to our two fur buddies- our cats. The 1st one was in the first week of January, and the 2nd was Friday. I knew the 2nd was not doing well, and with his age I figured this might be the end, but its still hard. They were 10 years and 16 years respectively and they had a good life, gave us love, companionship and made us laugh so many times.

I also spent the last couple days clearing away the cat’s stuff, so feels weird in so many ways that the next chapter will be with out them.

I have also had some mild bug- no its not Covid- but it has worn me down a bit- and after being focused on TEDx for all those months- I’m taking the time to rest and recoup.

If you ask me what the next chapter is- I Have no idea, but I knew I needed to clear the space for it to arrive when the time is right. I also knew I could not clear the space to fast, as I said, I had to honour the wisdom this journey brought me.

I was looking for a picture for this blog- I was going to use a picture of a whiteboard- but as I was going through my pictures, I came across this one of the bench at Mt Assiniboine Lodge that I took when I was there last year. And it still rings true.

Chase your dreams……

I have also learned that for me, I need to be open and ready for the next dream and adventure. I have some that I have intentionally put out to the universe, I have some that I am planning for- i.e. travel in a few years- and I know I need to be open, as ones that are meant to be will find me.

And like a messy desk- I know if IM messy and not ready- meaning mentally and psychologically- I won’t see the opportunities when they arise.

I’m going to take the rest of this month off- all except for a couple of appointments, and take it day by day. Do a bit of gardening, read some books, think of my cats and see where my energy level is each day and respect that.

Until then, take good care of yourselves and chase your dreams- what have you got to lose?

Thanks for walking with me on this journey called life, and until next time- take care

Cheers and be well


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