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And so The Journey Begins...

As I’m typing this, the tea is steeping in the pot. I have been drinking copious amounts of tea- I mean- a lot more then I normally drink. And I have appreciated every lovely cup.

My brain and I have been on one wild ride! It’s been amazing, exhilarating, challenging and terrifying, with moments of laughter and surprise. Actually, it sounds very much like an Outward Bound Canada adventure.

And like an Outward Bound Canada adventure- I am surprised how early on in the journey I have hit my first “meltdown moment”.

I guess I was a little optimistic when I thought I would get a blog post done every Monday lol

There are still moments on this #tedxsurrey journey that I think.” Wholly crap- this is real, I’m really doing this” and there are times I swear my brain is melting and I think...” What am I doing?”

Yep- just like an Outward Bound course.

It has been another two weeks of leraning, excitement, challenges and reminds me of when I went to college after being out of school for 13 years. It takes time to get the brain into that new role and training.

Just like before I go on any Outward Bound Canada adventure, I prepare by training. Preparing for the TEDxSurrey is just the same, and I remind myself, “I am in training”

I will have moments where I think I have got it, then will hit a wall and struggle, and have moments of frustration, but I get better and stronger at what I’m doing. And just like any Outward Bound course, there are folks here on the TEDxSurrey team to help guide and support us every step of the way. Its really amazing, to think I have this pool of folks and their expertise supporting me.

The other speakers have amazing topics and I am getting to know them better, and they are lovely. We have had coaching sessions and workshops via Zoom on script structure, openings, closings, transitions, humour and authenticity. It has been amazing and at times a huge learning curve for me, but I am learning so much and am so grateful for this amazing opportunity. I will continue to learn, and add pages of notes to my TEDxSurrey Toolkit binder and continue this transformation, that is supporting me to take up my rightful space in the universe.

Thank you to all my family and friends who are supporting me as I focus on this and work at being the best speaker that I can be for this event. Thank you to those that make sure I am eating, - everyone survives a when I eat- those who are sounding boards, make me cups of tea, go for walks with me, those who have bought tickets to be there in the crowd, and those helping financially to help offset travel expenses, and those who are sharing all of this. You have not gone unnoticed.

I guess that’s it for now- just wanted to give folks an update. You can learn more about TEDxSurrey and the list of speakers, and fundraising efforts on the links below.

Take good care of yourselves, stay safe and remember that in life, we never know hats around the corner so hang in there


PS- I have had more then one meltdown, and imagine I will have a lot more nefore this is done :)

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